Turn Your Social Media Followers Into High-Paying Clients

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Imagine if people said, "I need to work with you!" Instead of asking to pick your brain. 

Everyone says to “Know your worth. Then add tax” but what happens when your social media followers don’t see your worth? You don’t get paid.


Attracting high paying clients from social media is absolutely a possibility if you learn the strategies, tools, and techniques that I will teach you because I’ve been where you are. 

I spent hours looking at others in my same field get clients for top-dollar while I’m trying to do everything possible just trying to be seen! I posted everyday, I went live every other day, I even tried blogging and pinning. I was doing anything and everything I could to get people to see my business and it still wasn’t enough!

Aren't You Tired Of...

  • Worrying about getting more followers instead of making sales? 

  • Being burnt out and feeling like there’s no way to grow because you can’t take on anything else?

  • Relying on a corporate job that doesn’t pay you well or make you happy?

  • Being afraid to go to networking events because you don’t feel like a “real” entrepreneur?

SPOILER ALERT: You don't need to fight for a seat at the table! Build your own damn table!

There are two things you need to succeed as a coach or consultant.

Authority and a Strong Personal Brand

How would it feel to raise your prices, book high-end speaking engagements, and make an extra $10K just by making a few changes?


Akida Mann

“When I began my career consulting business I spent countless hours of my time researching and exhausting all of my resources trying to d.i.y every part of my business. Jamar helped me develop a social media strategy that WORKED! I began incorporating live Q&A which led clients to book a discovery call with me and BOOM clients were cutting me checks. Jamar simply makes it easy to get your coins the best way for your business.”

Posting For Profit™


Introducing Posting for Profit, the solution for coaches and consultants who want to ditch low hourly sessions and attract more high-paying clients with social media.


By enrolling in Posting for Profit, you’ll know how to stand out on social media and attract dream clients. Not the ones that drain you and want to negotiate your prices, but the ones who treat you like a celebrity and pay in full!


Booking consultations from people you’ve never met before.

Not afraid to raise your prices.

Making enough money to pay yourself a nice salary + bonus.

Getting your CEO confidence back and ready to grow and scale your business.

Here’s what we’ll work on during our 3 months together


Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions
We’ll have 6 private 90-minute coaching sessions over the course of 3 months via ZOOM video conferencing platform and really start focusing on you, your brand, and your goals. Each session will be focused on the posting for profit framework:

  • Getting Clear on Your Target Audience: Before we take any action we need to get clear on the type of client you are trying to attract. We’ll learn what makes them tick and what motivates them to buy with a few exercises and market research.
  • Planning the Perfect Offer: We’ll evaluate if your offer matches your target audience. If not, we’ll work on creating a signature offer that will be irresistible to your ideal client.
  • Marketing the Right Message: You want your ideal client to feel like you have the best solution to their problem. Together we’ll work on creating compelling copy that makes your ideal client feel like your reading their mind.
  • Expanding and Optimizing Reach: We’ll work together to make sure your content is being seen by the right people and you have all the tools to stand out as the go-to person in your niche.
  • Automated Lead Generation: We’ll work together to create marketing systems in your business so that every touchpoint with your ideal client is compelling them to work with you. Pretty soon you’ll start getting leads on autopilot.


Implementation Library
After each session, you’ll have 2 weeks to complete the action items I give you so we can stay on track with your coaching plan. You’ll have access to an always-expanding knowledge base with tutorials and trainings to help you complete these items even faster. This library is available to you throughout our partnership.


Unlimited Guidance Between Sessions
You will have access to me Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm EST via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app on your phone). You'll be able to send text, voice, photo, and video messages to me whenever you get stuck on an action item and need a little help. This way you won't have to wait until the next session to ask your questions. We can move quicker to achieving your goals. You’ll have unlimited feedback and audits on anything relating to your business, including (but not limited to): Social Media, Website, Copywriting, Launches, Ideas, etc. We’re in this thing together!

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Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney

“Jamar’s program led me through a logical, realistic, and super helpful curriculum that I needed to make my ideas become a reality. We identified exactly who my ideal client was, how to reach her, which programs and platforms would automate aspects of my business I’d been doing manually, and ultimately launch my first virtual group program, which was a massive undertaking I thought might only exist in my head for such a long time. But we did it all! I know there’s definitely no way on my own that I could’ve broken down the steps, known the best way, and made myself stay on track to build everything without Jamar’s program.”


There isn’t a magic YouTube video out there that’s going to tell you everything you need to know. Stop trying to do social media on your own. This is costing you a lot of time and money. How much more time and money do you have to waste to finally get the help and support you really need.

Right now, you could learn how to monetize your following, position yourself as an industry leader, while having your own marketing coach on your side and eliminating any guesswork so you have a clear path to success.

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Wouldn’t it be great to finally…

  • Stop wasting time and money on getting more followers because followers don’t equal money in the bank.
  • Not be burnt out from trying to be on every social media platform out there. You’ll know where to focus your time and energy so you’re building authority and being easily discovered by new people every day.
  • Say “Picking my brain costs the same as an hourly coaching session” and they actually pay for the session!
  • Not worry about the cost of living raise at your boring Full-time job because you’re making at least an extra $10k each year.

Hey There! I'm Jamar!

I'm a social media coach for coaches, consultants, and experts looking to turn their social media followers into paying clients. Through my strategy sessions and workshops, I inspire clients to raise their business standards and work only with people who charge their batteries. People choose to work with me when they are tired of the hustle and are ready to build a magnetic social media strategy to get leads on autopilot. 

We should work together if:

  • You’re a coach, consultant, or professional service provider who uses their personal brand to get business
  • You’re currently struggling with getting people to see your content and engage with it.
  • A busy side-hustler who wants to grow their service based business with social media.
  • A coach or consultant that is tired of doing free consultations that don’t end in a sale.

We shouldn’t work together if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix. No magic wand here. You have to put in some effort to make this system work.
  • You’re solely a product based or brick-and-mortar business. The strategies I teach are best used for people who have online businesses and need to be positioned as an expert to stand out in their industry.
  • You don’t use a personal brand to make revenue for your business. This program is built using your personal brand as your secret weapon. If you don’t need a personal brand for your business to make money, this program may not be for you.


By following my framework you will have a system that positions you as the expert quickly while allowing you to turn your followers into paying clients.

With me as your marketing coach, you’ll have a shortcut to more sales. You won’t be wasting your time on social media tasks that doesn’t lead to bookings.

I’m eliminating any guesswork for you with proven revenue generating templates so you don’t feel like you’re starting from scratch. With me there’s no trial and error. There’s only success and sales.

You’ll finally have someone who can help you focus on content that is doing the selling for you so you’re not having awkward discovery sessions.

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